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Preparing your 2023 taxes

Things to remember as you gather your tax documents.

As your tax reporting forms begin to arrive we want to remind you which ones we need you to gather and send to us with your tax information. First, there is a new 1099-K that many of you will receive this year for things like e-bay or Marketplace online sales, and sometimes for simple cash transfers between friends on apps like Venmo or Zelle.

If you receive a 1099-K this year please make sure to provide it to us, and be prepared for a phone call and some questions from us so that we can report it properly to minimize tax or determine that tax does not apply.

If you have a small business or rental property we can provide you with a separate checklist for those activities if needed. We have enclosed worksheets C, E, F on our website.

Again, IRS scrutiny of foreign accounts means that you need to be absolutely clear about any non-US accounts or income so that we report it correctly.

If you have bought and/or sold a home in 2023, we need the closing statements on both the purchase and the sale, as well as a list (with cost) of any improvements you made to the old home.

Cryptocurrency activities continue to cause major tax problems for people that believe it is not reportable. Bluntly, cryptocurrency is taxable, reportable and carries incredible penalties for not reporting. Please make sure to discuss it with us if you’ve dipped your toes in those waters.

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