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Nick Storhaug has had vast experience in small town development of motels, shopping areas, apartments, historic renovation and preservation, and currently owns farmland for lease including irrigation.  

Nick is very familiar with tax planning and solutions for farm and business transition, can and does assist in planning estates, very familiar with the creation and operation of S-Corporations and all other forms of business activities. 

Each year Nick prepares a huge volume of individual, corporate, partnership and trust tax returns. On the “human care” side, Nick Storhaug CPA has been a contributing board member and creator of several non for profit activities including but not limited to Parkside Lutheran Home.

OUR GOALS & Expectations to Grow together


Please include ALL necessary DOCUMENTS to complete your 2022 tax return – please complete the  Client Worksheet- and list of forms per our client letter. Whenever possible please provide ALL documents at the same time, to aleviate any confusion.

OUR PROMISE is to acknowledge all information we receive whether drop-off, mail or email.



we include our blank form input sheets as well as an asset purchase format-it is essential that CLIENT’s complete these in a timely and inclusive manner.

SHOEBOXES AND MONTHS OF NON INPUTTED BANK STATEMENTS need to be organized before your tax return(s) can be completed -our office can help you but ONLY IF WE KNOW IN ADVANCE.



With expanded work due within shortened periods’ of time we cannot guarantee completion of any work.

HOWEVER, with inclusion and organization most work will be completed within a 14 day time period. ln Chip and Nick’s nearly (8) decades of service to our clients the most valuable thing we can be given is the time to do things ‘”right”. Complex returns need to be reviewed in great detail to meet and beat our client expectations.

Due Date

Wherever possible we encourage our agricultural clients to make a January 15th tax estimate for both federal and state projected liabilities which would be equal to 2/3 of their projected tax liability. This creates an April 15th deadline for these returns.

We have found in years of tax practice that more and more very important tax documents are produced at a later and later date thus creating a “bubble” of work. 


With our new and improved “back/ front office” functions, I want to PERSONALLY invite you to a “sit down” visit where we can prepare your tax returns. Please schedule these in advance with both CHIP and NICK.

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NICK STORHAUG is a graduate of Mayville State University and Lisbon High School. After a 22-year career as a full-time teacher and coach, he earned the designation of Certified Public Accountant in 1986. A recipient of several hall of fame designations in the coaching profession, Nick is starting his 39th year in practice. Locally, Nick Storhaug has spearheaded development of several motel projects, renovated and built apartments, commercial buildings and the acquisition and development of 34 acres of property south of Lisbon. Not for profit activities have not been forgotten as Nick Storhaug was vital in the City of Lisbon acquiring the Lisbon Opera House and served for two decades as a board member of Parkside Lutheran Home. Nick recently served the Mayville State University foundation as a finance committee chair. Nick and wife Lavonne have been married for 48 years.



CHIP STETSON is beginning his 43 rd year in the financial services industry preparing individual, trust and estate tax returns and providing the best possible financial and tax advice. Chip’s experience has been instrumental in supporting the accounting practice throughout his 13 years with the firm. Chip’s wisdom and experience is very valuable assisting his clients base in providing the best possible service and expertise. Chip holds the Enrolled Agent designation and has vast experience. Chip graduated from the University of North Dakota. Chip and wife Cindy have been married for 44 years.
Chip’s late father Donavon Sr. who recently passed away, and partner Wayne Jones provided competent legal services to Southeast North Dakota for many years. Area professionals will do well keeping in mind standards of service, competence and experience provided by this team.

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At Storhaug CPA we pride ourselves on “top notch” attention to detail and in providing excellence in the tax planning, preparation and fiduciary services.